Ston cake
Ston traditional recipe is attractive because of the unusual application of the pasta filling. If you have not already, be sure to try ...


Cook macaroni in boiling water, cool. Grate chocolate and lemon. Add sugar, ground almonds and walnuts, vanilla sugar and cinnamon to the chocolate. Cut the butter in small squares. Beat the eggs slightly.

Make a dough from the flour, eggs, olive oil and salt. Let rest. Spread thinly with a roller to the shape that will cover the entire form.

Grease the form with olive oil and cover with a sheet of dough so that the surplus dough falls over the edges. Layer the macaroni, sprinkle with the chocolate, sugar, walnuts, almond, vanilla sugar and cinnamon mixture. Pour a beaten egg over and sprinkle with pieces of butter. Repeat for all layers to the top or until the mixture is used. Add butter pieces to the top of the dough with slight pressure so that the dough sinks into the filling in the form. The surface is covered with melted butter and baked at 180? C cca 45 minutes.

Remove the torte when finished, cool, remove from the form and sprinkle with sugar.

- macaroni 0,50 kom
- sugar ( crystals) 0,25 kg
- chocolate (cooking) 0,10 kg
- almonds 0,25 kg
- walnuts 0,15 kg
- sugar (vanilla) 0,04 kg
- cinnamon 0,001 kg
- lemon 0,09 kg
- butter 0,25 kg
- eggs 6,00 kom

Dough for shaping in the pan
- flour (oštro) 0,40 kg
- eggs 2,00 kom
- oil (olive) 0,05 l
- salt 0,004 kg

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