First thing that comes to mind when we mention the food of Dubrovnik is a typical sweet dish from this area, called rozata


Boil the milk and the vanilla bean. Add rusolin ( grappa of roses - not neccesary  ) Mix the eggs and sugar in a separate bowl. Pour the boiled milk through a sieve, cool and carefully add to egg mixture, stirring all the while. Mix carefully, paying attention that foam does not form at the surface.

Caramelize the remaining sugar and cover the bottom and sides of the forms. Fill the forms with the mixture and place in a medium hot oven in a water bath to fix the cream.

The finished rozata is removed and cooled. Place in a fridge overnight. Remove from the forms, and pour the melted caramel over the tops. Decorate with whipped cream, thinly cut home-made candied orange strips and toasted almonds.

NOTE Use larger forms if the rozata is made for family circles or for a set number of persons. Commercially, forms for one person are used.
Exposing the rozata to a high temperature (thickening) should be done at moderate temperatures (cca 150-160º C) for one hour. If it is exposed to higher temperatures, the shortened time will result in a hollow air bubble structure and poor appearance.

- eggs 12 pcs.
- sugar (crystals) 0,22 dkg
- milk 1,00 l
- vanilla (bean) 1,00 Pc.
- whipping cream 0,35 l
- sugar (crystals – for the caramel) 0,12 kg
- almonds 0,10 kg
- ruzolin 0,02 l ( grappa fom roses )
Serves 10
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