Renaissance Time Roasted Capon
This recipe is also mentioned in famous Croatian renaissance comedy “Dundo Maroje” by Marin Drzic. You can find it in well known Pomet monologue about food.

This recipe is from Croatian culinary TV show called “Food from forgotten times”. The recipe is from Dubrovnik. You can use older chicken if you do not have capon.

Season capon with salt and pepper. Put smoked sausage for cooking inside the capon. Also put pancetta schnitzel, rosemary and cinnamon stick inside.

Wash orange and pierce on several spots with fork. Close the capon back hole with the orange.

Grease the baking pot with lard and put capon to bake on 200°C for about 110 minutes (1kg=1 hour, usually).

Before end remove the capon from the oven, pour orange juice over capon and spread honey over to cover skin.

Place BBQ sausages around capon and put back into oven and bake for 15 to 20 minutes (to finish the sausages). Serve.

2000 g capons
10 g lard
15 g salt
15 g black peppercorns (roughly grounded)
15 g capers
1 (5 g) cinnamon sticks
5 g fresh rosemary
15 g sausage (homemade smoked sausage for cooking)
15 g pancetta (smoked, one schnitzel of pancetta)
1 (10 g) oranges
1 cup orange juice (natural from fresh orange)
3 tablespoons honey (best ( sage honey)
40 g sausage (homemade sausage for BBQ)
Serves 6
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