Međimurska gibanica
Medjimurian layer cake is a type of gibanica or layer cake originating from Međimurje County, Croatia. It is made with four fillings: a cheese, poppyseed, apple, and nut filling. It is popular in Northern Croatia.

PREPARATION: dough from the above ingredients, then set it aside to rest for 1 hour in a bowl covered with a cloth or foil. When you sit extend it thinly and cut into pieces the size protvan. Strudel pastry can be bought over.

1.Layer - WALNUTS

200 g of walnuts

100 g sugar

1 oz rum

PREPARATION: ground walnuts mixed with sugar and rum

2.Layer - CHEESE

500 g cottage cheese

3 pcs eggs

pinch of salt

zest of one lemon

100 g sugar

½ tablespoons vanilla sugar

PREPARATION: cheese and stir it well with sugar, eggs, vanilla sugar, zest and a pinch of salt

3.Layer - POPPY

200 g ground poppy seeds

2 dl milk

50 g sugar

2 tablespoons honey

PREPARATION: all the ingredients stir well

4.Layer - APPLES

700 g domestic grated apple

100 g of sugar

½ packet of cinnamon

pinch of salt

½ tablespoons vanilla sugar

PREPARATION: Apples clean the seeds, peeled and grated. Well they stir them with other ingredients.

Sour cream 2 dl

Once you have prepared the dough and fillings coat bottom protvan (preferably) local butter, and it can also serve margarine. In protvan lay 2 sheets of dough, also coated with butter. On the first stuffing evenly on the position 2 sheets of dough coated with butter. At it again next assignments stuffing and so until all schedules fillings, one by one. We end up with two sheets of dough coated with butter. Stab them with a knife in several places, and watered with about 2 dl sour cream. All this is put in an oven pre-heated to 150 C, where it is baked for about an hour.

Ingredients for 10 sheets of strudel

Sharp flour 1 kg
Eggs 2 pcs
Salt 10 g
Oil 2 dl
Lukewarm water if necessary

By experienced Međimurske cuisine, along with other traditional specialties Međimurske know that the restaurant Međimurski Courts can eat the best MEĐIMURSKA strudels.
Additionally Međimurski Courts are one of the indispensable point on the road traditions, so that the groups organized workshops with the preparation of Cake and other traditional dishes. When you eat Medjimurje gibanica do not think about diet, because sin is such thoughts spoil the divine pleasure that provides perfection and harmony of taste.

Serve 10
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