LINĐO – the good spirit of Dubrovnik
For 40 – years the folklore ensamble Linđo has been a living part of Dubrovnik, - the city of stone, sunshine, art, history, tradition and beauty.

The first audition took place in 1964. Since then more than 3000 dancers and musicians have contributed to the success of the ensamble.
Closely supervised by the art director Mr. Sulejman Muratović, Linđo won prizes wherever they performed, promoting the city of Dubrovnik and the Republic of Croatia all around the world.

Since the very beginning the dancers have been dancing in original national costumes of priceless value. The ensamble's wardrobe proudly boasts 1500 original items.

Linđo had its international debut in Italy in 1966., - soon followed by numerous performances in most European countries, USA, Uruguay, Argentina, Japan and Australia
In the year 1973. in the Franch city of Digon Linđo won the dancing performance prize – THE GOLDEN NECKLESS and ethnic music performance prize – THE GOLDEN RECORD. This success placed Linđo among the most prominent European folklore ensambles.

During their careers generations of dancers and musicians have made life–long friendships. Many recognized and successful individuals were, at one point in their life, participating members of the ensamble, either as dancers or musicians. This, they all agreed, was of no little help in their profesional life.

Today, a typical Linđo-member is an easily recognisable person – they are popular, they are sociable, they are funny – in one word they are "IN".

Being Linđo member means being dedicated to folklore and tradition. It also means working hard, practicing while others are enjoying in the sun; it means sacrificing.
That's why they are special and always together.

Linđo has become a milestone, a symbol of the City; - we dare say – The good spirit of Dubrovnik. DUBROVNIK ACCOMMODATION, DUBROVNIK APARTMENTS

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